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Artastic Fusion 2012

Artastic Fusion is back! Young artists at M.S.S. are inviting the public to come out and enjoy this year's 7th annual art show that is being held on Friday, May 4th, 9 a.m. until 7:OO p.m. at Manitoulin Secondary School. One of the unique features of this show is that it displays the new talent of innovative students and the more established talent of Manitoulin Fine Arts Association (MFAA) artists side-by-side.

Artastic Fusion is proud to introduce over 100 new pieces of art work, from 3D creations to paintings, drawings, photography and mixed media pieces created by students of MSS past and present, Wasseabin High School, local elementary grade 7 and 8 students, and the MFAA. The public will be impressed by the creative perspectives of these young people who observe and discover the beauty around them as well as tackling local and global issues through their art.

The show's main goal is to showcase up-and-coming island artists and to encourage them to pursue post-secondary art. It's a show for young people by young people, and it teaches those involved how to put on a big artistic event successfully as well as building bridges between M.S.S., Wasseabin, the MFAA, and local elementary schools. The event is sponsored by the MFAA and M.S.S., with the MFAA also providing judging and feedback to students participating in the prize activities. In addition, students have an opportunity to view the work of established MFAA artists during the show and get new ideas and artistic tips from attending members. Prizes of $75, $50, and $25 will be presented at 12:00 on the 4th for the three best pieces of art work submitted to the judges. Prizes will also be awarded to winners of the new theme contest. Themes are: “If Manitoulin was a Being”, “My Greatest Fear”, and “The World After 2012”. The show is free and open to public viewing all day till 7 PM.

During the course of the show, visitors will be trying their hand at organized workshops like tooling and the Blitz drawing competition, as well as viewing stained glass, portrait, painting, fabric art, pottery, digital, and other demos. Building on last year’s success, there will be two Viewer’s choice awards worth $15 and $20 dollars.

Don't miss this year's Artastic Fusion show! The show is free to attend. Come out and show your support and perhaps win our fabulous door prize. Be prepared to be AMAZED!

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