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erin-blythe reddie

Although in the past erin-blythe has focused her presentations on her textile designs in silk and natural yarns, this year she is introducing her interpretive watercolours. Her original cards are worked on 140-lb cold-pressed paper using Winsor and Newton and Da Vinci watercolours.

erin-blythe continues to interpret the world around and within us, and chose this medium for its natural connection – literally and figuratively - to the land, the sky and the waters within which she is fortunate to live on Manitoulin Island.

erin-blythe gives much thought to the titles of her pieces, sometimes taking days to enable what has come through the creative process to become more clear in our time-frame. Her representations are deliberately crafted to leave much to the viewer’s imagination; the titles simply offer the viewer a starting point for contemplation.

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