Manitoulin Fine Arts Association

LYNDA F.R. JAMES (Artist in clay)

317 Stewart Drive

Sudbury, ON

P3E 2R9



"It has been said that to be a master potter, one will throw on the wheel a clay shape 200 or more times until the perfect profile is accomplished.

The skill to have the hands shape the picture one has in mind, depends on repeated practice. Only this kind of approach can satisfy the expected standard.

Surprise accidents with clay may be considered by some as stellar, but the potter must ask one’s self if it can be repeated with confidence.

The story of a pot is such whereby the potter’s mind, hands and clay are one with deliberation.

.......the narrative continues."

Lynda James - 1

Lynda James - 2

Lynda James - 3

Lynda James - 4

Lynda James - 5

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